WWE Raw Review 7.17.17 – with Heather



What is Kurt Angle’s big secret he and Corey Graves are hiding?

Who will win the battle between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns for the right to fight Brock Lesnar at Summerslam?

WHERE IS BRAUN?  Is he finished with Roman?

Will Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins continue to join forces to battle the force of the Miztourage?

Will The Hardyz…be broken?

Will Titus Worldwide continue to expand?

Hopefully we get the answers to these questions and more on MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

We begin with the continued storyline of Dean Ambrose and The Miz.  Dean comes to the ring and is looking for a fight with his long standing enemy The Miz.  He has a steel chair in his hands that he refers to as “Steely Dan” and he wants Miz and his buddies out there right now! Instead of he or his Miztourage, Seth Rollins comes to the ring to clear the air with his former Shield teammate.  They go back and forth about whose battle this is – Miz got Seth involved so it is his now.  Seth calls Dean brother, asks him if he’ll stand by his side or in his way.  This gets pretty emotional now with Dean saying they were brothers in the Shield, but not now.  Seth says he’s sorry, that it was three years ago and he’s sorry!  After that happened they had great matches together, ladders matches, hell in a cell matches – Seth has gotten past it and how can Dean?  Dean no sells him and Seth screams at him, “what will it take?”  He then tells Dean to hit him as many times as he wants to with “Steely Dan” if that will make him feel better.  He turns his back and throws the microphone down waiting for the attack that never comes.  Dean throws the chair out of the ring.  THERE WILL BE NO BLOOD TONIGHT!

Miz enters before we can get a real moment between the two and says Dean will never forgive Seth because you can’t burn bridges in this business.  Also Dean can’t beat him.  Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel grab chairs and hit the ring laying a beat down on Seth and Dean.  Miz gives Seth a skull crushing finale onto a steel chair.  He hits Dean in the back as he’s leaving once more for good measure.  Yikes.

I think this leads to a match, but ultimately to a Dean Ambrose heel turn.   He obviously can’t forgive Seth – not yet.  He’s also been being mocked consistently for years about how lazy he gets or complacent.  He’s also been a face since the Shield split!  Slightly before even!  They want Seth to be a mega face, which I totally believe he has the potentional to be, and Dean needs to be given at least the chance to show what he can do as a lunatic heel.  I see it probably happening at Summerslam.  This was a GREAT promo with Seth and Dean and I think this leads to what people wanted to get away from – Dean vs Miz forever.

Chuck Caruso tries to get a word with Miz backstage but he and his Miztourage bail out of the building.

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss

Bayley is out and because she is just so amazing she find a fan who is crying he is so happy to meet her and she gives him her shirt.  Alexa in turn during her entrance mocks the crying kid.  Because she is also amazing.  Real shortly into the match, as Alexa escapes an aggressive Bayley, Nia Jax makes her way to the ring to be…an enforcer I guess.  After Alexa has control following Nia’s entrance for a short bit, Bayley turns the tables and has Alexa on the run.  After a belly to back suplex and an elbow drop, Alexa rolls to the outside to put Nia in between her and Bayley.  Alexa attacks after Bayley starts jabbing at Nia, and Sasha Banks comes out to even the score and attack Nia Jax.  Bayley nearly gets a small cradle victory, but Alexa kicks out only to end up in the Bayley to Belly and on the losing side here.  Bayley and Sasha celebrate after as this is the second week in a row Bayley has a pinfall on Alexa.

Winner: Bayley

Corey Graves has gotten another mysterious message and leaves the announce table.

There’s a segment about superstars at The Espys and Stephanie McMahon receiving a Humanitarian Award for Connor’s Cure.

Corey Graves is backstage with Kurt who doesn’t want to reveal his secret anymore.  Corey tells him in this golden age of Social Media everyone will know soon enough.  Kurt thanks Corey and says he’s right, saying his friendship means so much to…”both of them”  DUN DUN DUN.

Backstage Titus Worldwide hangs out and Titus discusses the bad things that have befallen both Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa recently.  He’s still an encouraging papa though and tells them they’ll both succeed too.  Ariya Daivari interrupts to disparage Tozawa and challenges him to a match.  Tozawa accepts.

Mustafa Ali & Jack Gallagher vs Drew Gulak & THE Brian Kendrick

This was a really short match.  Gulak and Kendrick get some offense in on Gallagher but after a headbutt, Kendrick kind of just rolls around in the corner until Ali hits his inverted 450 splash from the top.  NOTE – no purple ropes.

Winners: Drew Gulak & THE Brian Kendrick

Next up is an Enzo promo and let me tell you again.  I know people love this dude.  I know.  But he is terrible in the ring.  There is no WAY they are letting him go over Big Cass and if they do they are stupid because they have built him up as absolutely useless this whole time.  He talks about how tough he is and how if he gets knocked down 9 times he will get up 10, but it is unbelievable.  He will get up to just get knocked out AGAIN.  He even has to show a clip of Big Show beating up Cass because he has none of his own.

Cass comes out and blames Corey Graves for what has happened between he and Enzo but then goes on to talk to Enzo about how all he does is run his mouth.  Again.  Sigh.  Enzo leaves the ring and says he’s smarter than the average bear, sits ringside with a kid and Big Show comes out.  It is just a fight between Cass and SHow with Cass getting the upperhand – even delivering a monster boot to Enzo.  Then he leaves.

Backstage Chuck is with Roman and he is boring.  Yawn.

Elias Sampson vs Finn Balor

Elias Sampson gets MONSTER heat.  I really enjoy him and I think that people who complain about Finn Balor being in this little side feud are dumb.  The heat Sampson gets just builds up Finn more as a face.  There is some back and forth for this match, Finn mostly no offense until Elias hits a power move, repeat.  Balor manages to knock Sampson to the outside and when he goes to continue his assault he gets a guitar over the head from Sampson.

Winner: Finn Balor (By DQ)

As officials were helping Balor to the back he was interrupted by a …sigh.  Bray Wyatt promo.  Blah blah he wants to put Balor in pain and agony.  He wants to punish him.  He’s not a myth – he’s a nightmare!  The worst he’s ever had.  Maybe not false.  So this is going to happen.

Kurt is in the back on the phone telling whoever it is how he’s anxious…but calm…but anxious…but ready.  He’s interrupted by Sasha and Bayley who are arguing over who will get to fight Alexa Bliss at Summerslam.  Kurt says they will decide – by fighting a match next week on Raw!

Chuck Caruso has TOP GUYS The Revival now who say they attacked The Hardyz because they wanted to and they’ll do it again tonight.   Also because The Hardyz acted like they didn’t know who they were.  TOP GUYS OUT!

Ariya Daivari vs Akira Tozawa

Daivari gets an advantage early as he takes advantage of a shoulder injury Tozawa apparently has from fighting Neville on 205 LIVE.  He’s showing no mercy until Tozawa manages to fight back a little only to fall victim to more attacks on his arm.  Titus starts talking to the ref and gets him to call for the bell.  Tozawa is livid at Titus after!  He yells that Titus doesn’t care about him!  Oh no!


Kurt Angle is out to tell us the big secret he’s been keeping for months.  He only just found out that a girl he dated in college had a baby and had a closed adoption.  That baby has grown up to be…American Alpha’s Jason Jordan!   Corey mentions on commentary that Jason has been confiding in him for months and now I’m fishy of this whole situation.  They both cry.  They hug.  They hug again and it’s over.

The Hardy Boyz vs The Revival

I love THe Revival.  They remind me of tag teams from the 80s and 90s that just beat people up.  They have the best tag team chemistry and watching them makes me remember that tag teams can be smart.  This match is pretty good and coming from me, the one who hates The Hardyz (Jeff Hardy) so much, that’s saying a lot. It’s pretty back and forth.  The Revival spend a lot of time working on Matt’s leg and knee allowing Jeff to get the hot tag which gets the crowd really going for them.  With a lot of confusion and the the ref trying to keep some order in the ring, Dash manages to knock Jeff Hardy off the top rope to prevent him from hitting a swanton bomb and allows Dawson to grip the tights/pants of Jeff and get the win.  I actually like that the crowd being into The Hardys will help get The Revival more over.

Winners: The Revival

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

This match is great.  It is super intense throughout with both guys trying to just beat the hell out of the other.  Right as one gains the upper hand, the other takes back over.  The crowd does their usual Let’s Go Roman/Roman Sucks chant, but when it’s clear the match is coming close to an end the crowd is hot for both guys and what both guys are doing.  As Roman manages to look like he might be able to put some kind of an end to this match an angel’s song hits the speakers.  IT’S BRAUN!  HE’S ALIVE!  Roman gives him a superman punch as soon as he goes to get into the ring but it barely shakes the big man.  He’s there to murder Roman Reigns.  As he destroys his arch nemesis, Samoa Joe joins the fray – angry that BRAUN had pulled him from the ring to beat up Roman.  BRAUN puts a beating on Samoa Joe but he actually does get the Coquina Clutch locked on.  Roman tries to get back involved, but BRAUN kicks him away only to get another Superman Punch for his trouble.  It doesn’t matter though because BRAUN is a monster among men for real and still destroys both men, leaving them lying for dead in the middle of the ring.   Security tried to get involved but LOL come on guys.  It’s BRAUN!

WINNER: No Contest

FINAL THOUGHTS: I thought the Dean and Seth stuff was really good and I especially like it if it’s giving us a heel Dean Ambrose finally.  The Kurt stuff was a bit of a let down but I’m willing to see where it goes.  I like Jason Jordan, I just hope this doesn’t mean Chad Gable is nowhere.  I assume the main event ending leads to a FATAL FOUR WAY at Summerslam which ends…I don’t know how.  Huh.  I guess that leaves us somewhere to go.  The midcard matches weren’t really exciting, and I thought really only the Tag Match and Main Event were worth being here to watch, so I’d say it was a pretty lackluster show with some good points.

WATCH THIS MATCH: Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe.  Everyone can dislike Roman as a…face…I guess?  All they want but he can work in a big match.  Joe is just always great.  PLUS – BRAUN.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Mustafa Ali & Jack Gallagher vs Drew Gulak and THE Brian Kendrick.  It’s just a short not a lot happening match.

You can always find me over at HM_Pufnstuf on twitter.  Until next week. Same Raw time, same Raw channel.