Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 7.12.17

Cueto Cup 2nd Round Match: Jeremiah Crane vs Taya

-Taya stops a charging Crane then slaps him. So Crane then lands a kick to the face and the sound machine is working overtime already. Crane then hits a shoulder tackle dive to the outside.

-And the poor people in the seated wooden chairs are already asked to move as Crane runs around the ring and dives onto Taya.

-The crowd chants “This Is Awesome” because presumably they are a fan of a man squashing a woman.

-Taya stops Crane with a poke to the eye and a low kick. She then hits an awkward crossbody off the rail.

-Crane hits a running kick to the face in the corner. Taya uses this to “hulk up” and no sells it and goes to work with kicks and knees.

-Taya hits a reverse-ranna and goes to the top. But Sexy Star comes out to distract her.

-Crane catches Taya with a boot to the face then Cranial Contusion for the win.

-After the match Sexy Star knocks out Taya with brass knucks. Remember Taya cost Sexy her match.

WINNER: Jeremiah Crane

-Fenix tells Aerostar to be optimistic about Drago leaving the Reptile Tribe. Aerostar says for a man that has seen the future, it is tough to be optimistic.

Cueto Cup 2nd Round Match: Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs Paul London

-London tries to keep the distance from Mil early, which includes running around the ring.

-Mil says fuck this and goes to work on London.

-Mil spears London off the apron then throws him into the announce table.

-Mil makes the mistake of letting London recover so London superkicks him around the ring 8 times.

-The Rabbit Tribe comes out to distract Mil. This allows London to knock Mil down and hit two shooting star presses but Mil kicks out of both of them.

-Mil then punches London and ends the match with a spear and Flatliner.

WINNER: Mil Muertes

-Brenda tries to seduce Texano in a bar as Famous B watches on from a distance. Famous B makes a reelin in motion.

Cueto Cup 2nd Round Match: Marty “The Moth” Martinez w/Mariposa vs Fenix

-Marty is eating out of a lunchbox while Melissa introduces him and then shoves it in her face.

-Fenix gets ready to go for a dive but Mariposa grabs Marty’s leg.

-Fenix recovers and knocks Marty to the outside and this time hits a corkscrew plancha.

-Marty distracts the ref and allows Mariposa to land some ground and pound as Melissa tries to “act” in horror.

-Marty keeps ripping at the mask of Fenix.

-Fenix starts a comeback and hits a springboard spinning kick and a double stomp for two.

-Marty hits a nice dominator into a codebreaker for two.

-Mariposa goes to hand Marty the lunchbox but Melissa stops him. Fenix then rolls through and pins Marty for the win.

-After the match Marty clocks Fenix with the lunchbox. Marty then grabs a fork and digs at Fenix’s forehead as Mariposa holds Melissa and makes her watch on.


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