Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 6.14.17

-Dario Cueto is in the back putting together the Cueto Cup Bracket. In comes Pentagon Dark! He wants Black Lotus but Dario says she went back to Hong Kong. Pentagon threatens to break Dario’s arm. But he puts him in the Cueto Cup instead. Pentagon says he will leave Ultima Lucha Tres with Aztec Gold, or he will break Dario’s arm.

First Round Of The Cueto Cup: Mala Suerte vs The Mack

-Mala Suerte is from down the rabbit hole. The way he is dressed for some reason reminds me of Golga from The Oddities.

-It is pretty much obvious they aren’t taking Mala Suerte seriously here. Mack is no selling his chops.

-Mack hits some elbows and boots in the corner. But Mala Suerte comes back with a German suplex.

-Mala Suerte sits Mack up and goes to the opposite corner. He goes up top, then jumps off and runs to the other side to hit a running senton. Okay.

-Mala Suerte hits a crucifix bomb for two. But he misses a move off the top then eats a Pounce and Stunner to give Mack the win.

WINNER: The Mack

-Cage is backstage admiring his new Aztec super arm. Dario Cueto comes in and says to go thank his friend Lawrence Delgado as well. Cage is initially against it, but eventually takes the card.

First Round Of The Cueto Cup: Argenis vs Pentagon Dark

-The crowd LOVES Pentagon. Similar to the local Indy show I went to. Guy is over.

-Pentagon immediately catches Argenis with a dropkick as he goes for a springboard elbow.

-The match is pretty much all Pentagon until he misses a baseball slide to the outside and Argenis catches him with a springboard moonsault to the outside.

-Argenis charges at Pentagon but he tosses him over head into the corner.

-Pentagon tosses Argenis into the corner and he balances on his head. So Pentagon superkicks his head then hits the Package Piledriver for the win.

-After the match Pentagon breaks the arm of Argenis.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark

First Round Of The Cueto Cup: Texano vs Famous B

-Famous B tries to recruit Texano again and offers to lay down for Texano. Texano goes for the pin, but pulls up Famous B and hits the sitout powerbomb for the win. After the match Brenda flirts with Texano.

WINNER: Texano

First Round Of The Cueto Cup: Aerostar vs Drago

-Kobra Moon leads Drago to the ring on a chain. He is also now Wolfpac Drago wearing red.

-Aerostar tries reasoning with Drago before the match but Drago attacks him instead.

-Drago remains in control until Aerostar drops him on the turnbuckle and hits some flashy dropkicks. He goes for a dive to the outside but Kobra Moon pulls down Aerostar.

-Drago misses a baseball slide so Aerostar is finally able to hit a dive to the outside. But they go right into a wooden chair in the front row and it sounded like and looked like it actually hurt.

-Drago hits a flipping blockbuster then does his roll around specialty pin for the win.


-Cage goes to find Mr. Delgado at City Hall. He’s walking down the streets with his metal arm. Imagine walking down the street and seeing a guy with a metal arm glove. Cage says he doesn’t work for Mr. Delgado. He grabs Delgado by the throat then lets go. Delgado says Cage is still thinking like a man. Cage then punches the head of Delgado and kills him. They show blood on Cage’s arm and a shot of Delgado laying there with no head. Cage says he isn’t a man, he is A MACHINE!!!

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