Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 12.28.16

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-We start with Prince Puma pledging himself to join the darkness and Vampiro. Prince Puma goes to the Dark Side. Too bad he doesn’t sound evil.

Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes w/Catrina

-Crane is billed as being from the last house on the left. Yeah but what street is it on?

-Catrina and Crane make eye contact as she enters. Remember they apparently have history.

-Mil hits a hard shoulder tackle on Crane then ten stiff shots in the corner.

-Mil is dominating. The ref gets distracted with Catrina. Out comes Puma with a kendo stick and he uses it on Mil. Crane hits a boot to the face and a gets the pinfall.

WINNER: Jeremiah Crane

-After the match Puma gets in some more kendo stick shots then knees to Vampiro who gets up from the announce table.

-Some guy talks to Sexy Star. Looks like a Mundo fan boy. He gives her a box someone left for her, and it has the mysterious spider in it. She throws the box away.

-Famous B offers his services to Texano to help him get fame. Texano turns it down.

PJ Black and Jack Evans vs Son of Havoc and Angelico

-Evans and Angelico exchange armdrags.

-Son of Havoc gets worked over a bit until Angelico gets the tag. He hits a springboard knee on Evans but falls down and gets caught with a 450 splash from Black.

-Angelico landed on his elbow bad and it looks like he dislocated it. Ref throws up the X sign.

-Evans hits a corkscrew splash on Havoc for the win. Can clearly tell that was an on the fly finish.

WINNERS: Jack Evans and PJ Black

-Dario Cueto gives Sexy Star a match with Mariposa next week.

Best of 5 Series: Cage vs Texano (Cage Leads 2-1)

-Both men exchange big boots.

-Texano pulls Cage off the ropes and Cage lands on an exposed turnbuckle.

-Cage is busted open. Texano hits the sitout powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Texano- Series Tied 2-2

-Dario Cueto says that the final match will be decided right now and is anything goes!

Best of 5 Series Final: Cage vs Texano- Anything Goes

-Texano bites on the cut of Cage. Don’t know if I would do that, just assuming there are some illegal substances in that blood.

-Texano hits a hurricarrana off the top then a swanton over the top rope from the apron for two.

-Cage recovers and knocks Texano to the outside then hits a running swanton himself over the top to the outside.

-They brawl up the bleachers where Cage hits a suplex.

-Cage goes for a discus punch but Texano catches him and hits a spinebuster.

-They go back into the crowd as Texano continues to beat down Cage.

-Texano jumps off the railing onto Cage on the floor.

-Texano hits Cage square in the head with a chair then whips him with his bull rope.

-Cage moves out of the way of a dive and Texano lands on the chair. Cage then delivers another unprotected head shot, the second of this match.

-Cage escapes a powerbomb and hits a discus clothesline for two.

-Cage whips Texano with the bull rope a few times then hits a STEINER SCREWDRIVER for the win!

WINNER: Cage (Wins Best of Five 3-2)

-Dario tells Cage he won’t give him his unique opportunity in front of the believers. Dario asks Cage to come into his office.

-Dario gives Cage the box, which has an ancient glove in it. Cage doesn’t want it. Dario asks him to just try it on. Cage does. He then grabs Dario by the throat and lifts him up, then decides he will keep it.

OVERALL: One thing I’ve noticed about this season of Lucha Underground is that they rely heavily on gimmick matches to get the crowd into it. They haven’t had a great one-on-one singles match this year. They have had those in the first couple seasons. The main event was okay. I’m glad they went longer than five minutes for the final match. The tag match gets a pass because of Angelico’s injury. Dark Prince Puma could be interesting. Just wish it wasn’t at the expense of Mil.

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