Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 11.9.16

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Believers Backlash Match: Famous B vs Mascarita Segrada

-Fans are shown with weapons in the audience.

-Mascarita immediately puts on some football pads and a helmet and goes right into the mid-section of Famous B. Mascarita then pulls out a mini step ladder, puts it on the announce table, and hits a splash.

-Brenda distracts Mascarita, which allows Famous B to hit a superkick.

-Mascarita tosses a bag of popcorn at Famous B. But Famous B comes back and tosses Mascarita into a garbage can.

-They go back in the ring. Famous B finds a can of Arrogance in a tool box. Mascarita escapes and uses the arrogance on Famous B.

-Mascarita puts on a wizard hat and has a wand. He pulls out a bowling ball from a bag and rolls it into the nuts of Famous B.

-Dr. Wagner comes in. He is about to hit Mascarita with a photo of Famous B but Famous B stops him. Son of Havoc comes in takes out Dr. Wagner.

-Mascarita gets a pie and creams Brenda in the face.

-They go back in the ring. Mascarita jumps off the top and hits a DDT on Famous B for the win.

-After the match, Mascarita and Son of Havoc cut up a cardboard cut out of Famous B then Son of Havoc gives Mascarita a mini-vest.

-Killshot talks with Dante Fox, the man who attacked him a few weeks ago.

-Kobra Moon and Drago talk about their tribes. Drago says he was a slave to Kobra’s tribe and will never go back.

WINNER: Mascarita Segrada

The Mack, Mariposa, Marty the Moth, Ivelisse and Jeremiah Crane vs Killshot, Argenis, Texano, Cage and Dante Fox

-The winning team gets to be in Aztec Warfare.

-Crane and Ivelisse hit some nice double team offense. Cage comes in and immediately clotheslines her after.

-Texano and Cage argue. While they argue on the outside Mack takes them out.

-Everyone ends up on the outside and hits a dive.

-Killshot tosses Ivelisse into the air and goes for a powerbomb but Ivelisse reverses into a hurricarrna for two.

-Dante Fox takes out Killshot, allowing Marty to pin Killshot for the win.

WINNERS: The Mack, Mariposa, Marty the Moth, Ivelisse and Jeremiah Crane

-Dario motivates Matanza for next week.

Grave Consequences: Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs Prince Puma

-Puma knocks Mil over the stair railing when he is coming down. Puma then dives onto Mil in the bleachers.

-Mil comes back and tosses Puma into the chairs behind the announce table, then into a door and the ring bell.

-Puma drags the casket over to Mil. But this gives Mil time to recover and he powerbombs Puma onto the casket.

-Mil misses a charge and goes right into a chair in the corner. But Mil recovers and spears Puma into a table in the corner.

-Puma kicks Mil onto the casket then hits a 630 on the casket.

-Puma slams Mil’s head into the casket then slams a chair into it.

-Mil chokeslams Puma and goes to put him in the casket but Puam fights him off.

-Mil goes for the Flatliner but Puma blocks it by pushing up with his hands and hitting a superkick.

-Puma goes for a dive to the outside but Mil catches him with a right hand.

-Two tables get set up on the outside. Both men brawl on the apron. Mil then chokeslams Puma through the tables.

-Mil brings out the same coffin he put Konnan in. Mil hits a Flatliner then puts Puma in the coffin for the win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes

OVERALL: Another good episode. The opening match was a fun one and the crowd was clearly into it. The ten man tag was okay. Grave Consequences was better than GRAVER Consequences last year. It still wasn’t better than the first one which is still my favorite LU match ever. This was when Puma was rumored to be leaving so it explains Mil winning.

Aztec Warfare next week!

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