JC’s Top Rope Report: Alexa Bliss Is The WWE’s Next Breakout Star

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When Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch were brought to the main roster, the face of women’s wrestling changed. The women in the WWE were no longer looked at as a joke. They wee given time in the ring to showcase their talents. It’s just too bad the booking wasn’t the best.

But the WWE rebounded nicely from a rocky start. Sasha Banks is one of the most over acts on the roster. Charlotte holds her own as RAW’s Women’s Champion. She gets criticized by a good amount of people, but I think she is doing just fine. On Smackdown, Becky Lynch is Champion and is doing a damn fine job. Nikki Bella and Carmella are having a good feud, and Carmella has been a revelation as a heel.

And despite the success of all the women I listed above, there is one woman that has stood out since the brand split, and that is Alexa Bliss. Alexa Bliss quickly ascended to the role of top heel on the Smackdown Women’s Roster. And you know what? She looks like someone that is a seasoned veteran when it comes to performing in the ring and on the mic. But she’s only been doing this for three years, which is remarkable.

When Bliss turned heel on NXT, she became a completely different character. Everything about her act changed for the better. Some people call it “resting Bliss face,” but she has the bitch look down to a tee. And I mean that in the absolutely most positive way. In real life I’m sure she is a sweetheart. But on TV, her character comes off as one of the better heels on the roster, male or female. Her facial expressions are top notch. Her reactions to even the most minor of things are great. Two weeks ago on Smackdown when she called Renee Young a Katie Couric wannabe was great. Then there was this gem from this week’s show:

When it comes to her performance inside the ring, Alexa Bliss is no slouch either. She won’t be mentioned in the same breath as any of the Four Horsewomen, but she’s just a step under them if you ask me. Again, she’s only been doing this for THREE YEARS. Becky and Sasha have been doing this their whole lives. But Bliss doesn’t look out of place one bit in the ring. And when you have your character down like Alexa does, it makes up for any kind of small weakness she has inside the ring.

After the brand split, I was worried about the Smackdown women’s roster. Now? I think they have better overall characters and storyline perspective than RAW. I know Charlotte and Sasha Banks just main evented Hell In A Cell (and had a good match), but the storyline just wasn’t there. Becky and Alexa have had better storyline progression. Nikki Bella and Carmella also have a good story going as well.

Last week I talked about Braun Strowman being the standout star of RAW since the brand split. On Smackdown, that standout star is Alexa Bliss. Bliss went from NXT, where she was just kind of there, to Smackdown, where she is the #1 Female Heel and deserves a ton of praise for breaking out on the blue brand.

I’m a big fan of Becky Lynch, but I would seriously consider giving Alexa Bliss the Smackdown Women’s Championship next week. She is simply on a role right now with her character and her entire overall act. I think Bliss will get even more confident in herself and character if she is given the reigns as the top female on Smackdown. I loved the ending of her promo from Smackdown.

And if you ask me, Alexa Bliss could be the top female star in all of WWE in a year or two. I can’t find a single thing bad to say about her at the moment. And you just know that she is going to continue to improve her in ring work and character as time goes on.

The Women’s Revolution may have started over a year ago, but Alexa Bliss is about to start a new revolution of her own in the coming months. I’ll trademark the “Alexaloution” right now. Alexa Bliss is going to become the face of the WWE’s Women’s roster sooner or later. And I don’t think anyone can stop her.

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