WTF Friday! Abdullah the Butcher Gets Electrocuted!


1991 WCW was almost as cartoonish as the WWF.

In this weeks crazy Friday moment, we look at Halloween Havoc 1991 and the Chamber of Horrors Match. The winner of the match had to electrocute one of their opponents in a chair in the ring. There was a switch in the corner that had to be pulled to operate it.

Just as you would suspect, the execution was poor. Abdullah the Butcher put Rick Steiner in the chair. Cactus Jack was in position to pull the switch. But Rick Steiner reversed Abdullah and put him in the chair. The problem was Cactus Jack pretty much watched this happen. It just took too long to develop. Cactus pulls the lever anyways. And Abdullah gets “electrocuted.”

And it looks as bad as it sounds. Enjoy.

Justin C (@JCWonka)