Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 10.12.16

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-Dragon Azteca Jr is getting ready for his match with Pentagon Dark tonight. Chavo Guerrero comes in and beats him down with a chair. Chavo says he will get his revenge tonight on Pentagon. Rey Mysterio comes in and finds Azteca.

Dr. Wagner Jr. and Famous B (w/Brenda) vs Son of Havoc and Mascarita Segrada

-Son of Havoc rides in on a motorcycle with Mascarita Segrada in a side car.

-Famous B is wrestling in his full suit and tie.

-The heels beat on Mascarita until he makes the hot tag to Son of  Havoc.

-Mascarita is in the ring alone with Famous B. He drops him with a firemen’s carry. But Dr. Wagner knocks Son of Havoc off the apron.

-Dr. Wagner does the dirty work, but Famous B comes in and gets his first win.

WINNERS: Dr. Wagner Jr. and Famous B

-Another promo with the White Rabbit. They’ll be here soon.

Gift of the Gods Championship: Sexy Star (c) vs Jack Evans

-Evans cuts a promo before the match to get some heat. Sexy slaps him hard.

-Sexy takes the action to the outside. She hits a seated senton then tosses Evans hard on the mat.

-Evans “trash talk” and taunting is getting to the absurd levels again. He needs to tone it down a bit.

-Sexy hits a modified Bronco Buster where she just jumps off the rope and goes right into the chest of Evans a few times.

-Sexy charges at Evans in the corner but eats a boot. For some reason it makes the same noise as a superkick does.

-PJ Black parkours into the ring to distract the ref. On the outside, Johnny Mundo hits a spear on Sexy Star. Evans goes for the pin in the ring but only gets two.

-Drago and Aerostar take out Black and Mundo. Fenix wonders into the ring to distract the ref. Sexy Star takes a kendo stick and low blows Evans with it. Sexy pins Evans to pick up the win.

WINNER and STILL Gift of the Gods Champion: Sexy Star- Okay match. Evans is going over the top again with his heel act and it is getting annoying. I still don’t think Sexy Star is all that great. I wish her and Ivelisse traded spots.

-Chavo is in Dario’s office asking for a match against Pentagon. Rey comes in and accuses Chavo of taking out Dragon Azteca Jr. They battle a bit. Dario makes it a triple threat match.

Pentagon Dark vs Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

-Can we get #ChavoRuinsEverything trending on Twitter?

-Rey gets the early flashy offense in and takes out Pentagon and Chavo on the outside.

-Chavo picks up a chair on the outside, but Pentagon dropkicks him through the ropes.

-Pentagon sets the chair up in the corner, but Chavo drop toeholds him into it.

-Pentagon and Chavo carry most of the action in the ring as Rey sells on the outside.

-Rey gets back involved. He goes for the double 619 but Pentagon moves and Rey only gets Chavo.

-Pentagon ends up hitting the Package Piledriver for the win.

-Pentagon goes to break Rey’s arm but Rey escapes. Chavo then comes in and takes Rey out with a chair. He takes the chair to Rey’s knees then ties Rey up in the tree of woe and takes the chair to the knees of Rey multiple times.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark- This set-up the post match angle. Pentagon gets the win but this sets up Chavo vs Rey/Dragon Azteca Jr. Why I don’t know.

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