Quick Hits: Lucha Underground Results 9.14.16

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-Cortez Castro is upset with Captain Vasquez and Joey Ryan for not going after Dario for murdering Mr. Cisco.

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Mascarita Segrada

-Famous B tells Melissa Santos that she isn’t famous enough to introduce his client. Hey, I would let Melissa Santos introduce me any day she likes.

-The lovely Brenda, in a sexy nurse costume, calls Mascarita a little marshmallow.

-And just like that, Dr. Wagner hits a Doctor Driver for the win.

WINNER: Dr. Wagner Jr.

-We cut to some ancient Aztec dad dying. He gives his daughter a medallion that apparently will make her immortal. He tells her a war is coming, which is what Captain Vasuez said to Castro earlier. We then see her telling Castro on the night of Ultima Lucha Dos that he is suspended. She is also holding the medallion. Ok then.

Argenis vs Mil Muertes w/Catrina

-Looks like Catrina ditched the bangs right after I was getting used to them.

-Would you intentionally lose to Mil so Catrina licked you after the match? Just a thought.

-Argenis takes down Mil early with an enziguri and moonsault but only gets a one count.

-Mil pops right back up with a spear, followed by the Flatliner for the win.

-Prince Puma is out after the match and him and Mil brawl until Catrina breaks it up.

WINNER: Mil Muertes

-Joey Ryan is in Dario’s office. He tells Dario he is a cop. But he wants to be on Dario’s side in this upcoming war. Ryan tells Dario Castro is a cop. He wants to help Dario. He then asks for money and tells Dario that he has child support to pay. Hey that’s Heath Slater’s gimmick.

-Cortez Castro is back in Captain Vasquez’s office. He tells her he wants to be on her side in this upcoming war. Vasquez then looks at he medallion. But it is only half of it.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Match: Marty the Moth Martinez vs Killshot

-Killshot takes out Marty as he walking down the stairs.

-Killshot tosses Marty HARD over the announce table then slams him with a chair.

-Marty grabs Melissa to prevent further damage and tosses her into Killshot.

-This is how Donald Trump will settle things if he becomes President.

-Marty is busted open pretty good. Killshot stands on the railing and hits a seated senton onto Marty on the floor.

-Marty is finally able to grab the upperhand and tosses Killshot into a bunch of old war weapon boxes.

-Killshot backs Marty into the corner with a ladder and pretty much throws an open chair at his head.

-Killshot charges, Marty grabs him and hits a spinebuster on a weapons box.

-Superplex onto those same containers. Ouch.

-On a ladder set up from the ring to the railing. Killshot hits a firemen’s carry backdrop onto the ladder and it barely gives. Ouch.

-Killshot hits the Double Stomp but only gets a two.

-Marty low blows Killshot. He then powerbomb tosses Killshot out of the ring through two tables. It was only Killshot’s head that went through the second table.

-Killshot hits a package tombstone piledriver but only gets two.

-Killshot gets the giant ladder. But Marty takes him out and sets him up on a table. Killshot awakens and climbs the ladder.

-Mariposa comes in. But Killshot kicks her off and sends her through a table.

-They struggle for control again. Killshot grabs Marty by the balls. Killshot rips off his dog tags from Marty’s neck then double stomps Marty through the table to pick up the win.

WINNER: Killshot- You know what one of my favorite things is about Lucha Underground? They give even their secondary feuds a big blowoff match. And that is what we got here. These two put on one hell of a brawl. Marty had a breakthrough with me. I’ve been lukewarm at best on him. But his looks and mannerisms throughout this match were top notch. It was creepy at its peak.

-Mil Muertes is in the back punching some lockers. Catrina tells him enough. Mil wants Puma. Catrina says he will get him. Just like she finally got what she wants. Catrina holds up half of the medallion from earlier. So we have some big ancient Aztec feud being set up.

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