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Extreme Rules is this Sunday. Similar to Payback, I expect the card to be filled with some good matches. Not only that, but the show should be the end to a good amount of these feuds that are going on. I’d be surprised if any of these stories stay connected after this show. Some of them might intertwine with the Money in the Bank build up, but that’s it. Maybe the Tag Title program keeps going as well. But there is a lot to like about this show and I hope it delivers similar to Payback.

Ziggler/Corbin EXTR

No Disqualification Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin

This feud is apparently still happening. It kind of reminds me of the Kalisto/Ryback match from last month where we didn’t know a feud was still going on. Dolph Ziggler won at Payback and Baron Corbin won on RAW. That means this is the rubber match. Unless the WWE wants to keep up with the 50/50 booking and have a fourth match at some point down the line. Baron Corbin, when he’s been on TV, has fit in nicely on the main roster. He’s one of the NXT guys that I think will do better on the main roster. Corbin has the brighter future of the two. Ziggler is just stuck in the mid-card for the rest of eternity. Corbin wins.

WINNER: Baron Corbin


United States Championship: Kalisto (c) vs Rusev

Even in the down times, I stuck on the Rusev bandwagon. And ever since leaving the League of Nations a few weeks ago, Rusev seems to have new life. He did a great sit down interview with Michael Cole a few weeks ago on WWE.com. He seems to have more life and energy as a character and performer. Kalisto hasn’t really grown much as a character since winning the United States Title. The WWE wants to make him their next big Mexican star, but I just don’t see that happening. Normally I would be worried with Rusev standing tall on RAW, but the WWE then played up an injury angle with Kalisto missing Smackdown. It may be my bias, but I am taking Rusev to win here. If we are looking at first feuds for John Cena upon his return, I could see Cena feuding with Rusev over the US Title again. Hopefully Rusev gets a win this time.


WWE Tag Titles EXTR

WWE Tag Team Championship: New Day (c) vs The Vaudevillains

Similar to Baron Corbin, the Vaudevillains have impressed me with what they have done on the main roster so far. I fully expected them to flop, but that hasn’t been the case. They looked strong beating down the New Day on RAW. They also played up the fact that they were the ones who injured Enzo Amore. The WWE hasn’t treated them as a joke like I thought they would. Instead, they are a serious candidate to win the Tag Titles here. New Day is approaching a record when it comes to holding the Tag Titles. But they are starting to grow a little stale as Tag Champs. They are still entertaining but some times they can be a bit repetitive. I’ve been waiting for a heel team to emerge that deserve to take the Tag Titles off of the New Day. And I think the Vaudevillains are that team. Not only would you have the chase from New Day to look forward to, but you also have the impending return of Enzo Amore to get revenge as well.

WINNERS: The Vaudevillains

Asylum Match EXTR

Asylum Match: Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho

The WWE did a good job of coming up with a creative way to make this not a cage match. With Finn Balor/Samoa Joe taking place inside a cage, I couldn’t see the WWE doing two cage matches in such a short time span. I also like the fact that there is no escape in this match. The only way you can win is either via pinfall or submission. That’s really how all cage matches should be. Or at least take away the door of the cage.

This feud needs to end. I just haven’t been as invested in it as some people. For me it is just a matter of both guys not clicking well together. Their segment that ended RAW a few weeks ago felt like it went on forever. I actually thought the promo Ambrose did this past Monday with the scary music playing as the cage lowered was one of the better things about this feud to date. Jericho is in a spot where he isn’t really affected by a win or loss. He isn’t fighting for the WWE Title anytime soon so you don’t need to worry about building him up. Ambrose needed the win at Payback to help boost him back up after a succession of losses during the Wrestlemania build.

With so many faces on the WWE’s roster right now, Ambrose might be a candidate to turn heel in the coming weeks. The WWE isn’t turning Roman Reigns and probably not turning John Cena either. I still maintain Seth Rollins needs to return as a face. Then there is also AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Cesaro. A loss could be the catalyst for a heel turn. But I’d rather see Ambrose win here, then turn a few weeks later. Ambrose is already perceived as crazy as it is. So you can’t say a loss made him snap. So I’m giving Ambrose the win here, and saying he turns heel in the coming weeks.

WINNER: Dean Ambrose

tornado tag EXTR

Tornado Tag Match: The Usos vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Was it in the contract of Anderson and Gallows that they could only wrestle the Usos for the first month? Seriously, how much could it hurt to have them face another team or something? Hopefully this is the last match we see between these two teams in a long time after Sunday. There are only so many variations of this match that have taken place already. Both teams need to move on for their betterment.

Anderson and Gallows have kind of come off as chumps since their debut. They started strong, but they also have been fodder for Roman Reigns in recent weeks. That needs to change in the coming weeks. I think Finn Balor is coming up to lead Gallows and Anderson at some point, but it won’t be until after the next NXT Takeover show. Gallows and Anderson need the win here to move on in a positive manner. So I think they will.

WINNERS: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Womens Title EXTR

Submission Match For The Women’s Championship: Charlotte (c) vs Natalya (If Ric Flair Appears At Ringside, Charlotte Will Automatically Lose The Title)

I really hope this means the return of the Black Scorpion this Sunday. It would be awesome and totally worth it. Imagine the Black Scorpion interfering in the match, and when they go to unmask him, Ric Flair appears on the stage.

I had no problem with the contract signing ending RAW on Monday. If the WWE wants the women to be a focal point of their show, they have to treat them as such. Now, would the segment have been a little better if it involved Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch? Sure. But what they did was fine. Of course, super woman Stephanie McMahon needed her time on top to show she is great by slapping Ric Flair. I don’t really see the point of it. It made me want to see Charlotte take out Stephanie. I love that Batista called her out for it on Twitter.

As far as the match goes, it needs to be better than what happened at Payback. The matches between these two women have been hit or miss. And I’d be shocked if Natalya picks up the win here. She is not the person to take the Title off Charlotte. I thought it would be at Wrestlemania, but it is still Sasha Banks who needs to take the Title off Sasha. I’ll say Charlotte wins with Natalya passing out in the Figure 8.

WINNER: Charlotte

IC Title 4 Way EXTR

Fatal 4 Way For The Intercontinental Championship: Miz (c) vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs Sami Zayn

This match has the three top candidates to win Money in the Bank next month. If you ask me, nobody besides Kevin Owens should win it. Owens has been on fire in recent weeks. From his promo work, to his work doing commentary, to his work in the ring. Kevin Owens might be the best all around performer in the WWE right now. He is that good. And walking around with the Money in the Bank briefcase would make him that much more entertaining.

Cesaro and Sami Zayn also have a shot at winning the MITB as well. I always believe that Money in the Bank is better off in the hands of a heel. But Cesaro would make for a fine choice as well. Of course, he would also make a good choice to win the IC Title as well. As would Sami Zayn. But for me, Zayn is someone that should be built up to a Title win. He’s a sympathetic character similar to Daniel Bryan. The fans would love to be a part of that journey. And for all that talk, the Miz has pulled his own weight in this program as well. He’s the guy you don’t think belongs but he is the Champ. And since Maryse joined him, his arrogant douchebag character has improved.

As far as who is winning the Title, it is tricky. Owens has grown past the Title, even though the IC Title has regained prestige as of late. Miz holding the Title longer doesn’t really make too much sense, unless you are pushing someone like Apollo Crews to face him next. That brings us to Sami Zayn and Cesaro. I think out of those two, Zayn would be better off with the Title. And that holds true especially if Owens wins MITB next month. It’ll add another layer to their feud. I’ll say Zayn pins Miz to pick up the win.

WINNER: Sami Zayn


Extreme Rules Match For the WWE World Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs AJ Styles

Kudos to the WWE for keeping this interesting over the span of these last few weeks. The shades of grey being thrown around in this feud have been great. Will AJ Styles rely on his buddies to win the Title? Will Roman Reigns have the Usos battle for him? The battles both sides have had so far have been entertaining. Especially the aftermaths that result in AJ Styles and Roman Reigns deciding whether or not to attack the other.

The match these two had at Payback was very good. And at least this time we don’t have to worry about Shane and Stephanie coming out to restart the match. Styles is capable of having a good match with pretty much anybody that is thrown at him. And Reigns is capable of having a good match too, despite what a lot of people think. His character obviously still needs work. And I hate how the WWE is trying to make it seem like his reactions are as polarizing as John Cena’s are. People hate Reigns. The crowd was much more split when it came to John Cena. The crowd just isn’t receptive to Reigns as WWE Champ. They were with Cena at first.

Of course with that being said, Roman Reigns is retaining the Title here. Styles is a good hand and a great wrestler, but he isn’t taking the Title off the WWE’s golden boy. I expect some kind of mis-communication between Styles and Anderson/Gallows, causing them to cost AJ the match. Afterwards, Anderson and Gallows take out Styles. That gives Styles a few weeks off TV to heal up some nagging injuries. By that point, I would guess Finn Balor might be on the main roster. And you can start a feud right there. As far as Reigns goes, I mentioned an Ambrose heel turn earlier. I could see a Reigns/Ambrose feud developing. Or maybe a Reigns/Bray feud. I don’t think the WWE will jump right into a Reigns/Cena feud.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

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