2016 WWE Fastlane Preview & Predictions

WWE Fastlane 2016 Header


2 Out of 3 Falls for the United States Championship:

Kalisto (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs Naomi & Tamina

The Wyatt Family vs Kane, Ryback and The Big Show

Divas Championship Match:

Charlotte w/Ric Flair (c) vs Brie Bella

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Kevin Owens (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles

#1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match for a WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania 32:

Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar


Two Out Of 3 Falls Match For The United States Championship: Kalisto (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

JC: Just when you think these two are done wrestling each other, they come back together again! Part of me thinks that Kalisto will just retain and move on. But with the return of Sin Cara from injury, I could also see a Title switch here. The tag team division is on fumes (more on that later) and the Lucha Dragons could go back after the tag titles. Or Sin Cara could turn heel and feud with Kalisto. There are actually a good amount of possibilities here. If Kalisto loses, it ruins him more than losing would for Del Rio. I’m picking Kalisto.

WINNER: Kalisto

Draw: I was disappointed that what seemed to be their “blow-off” match at the Royal Rumble was by far the worst of their series but it appears they have a chance to redeem themselves here. I’m not going to go on about Del Rio again but I do hope this finally signals the end of this feud and Kalisto can keep entertaining on RAW.

Winner: Kalisto



The Cutting Edge Peep Show With The New Day

JC: This has to be to introduce Enzo and Cass to the main roster right? What is the point of this segment if that doesn’t happen. The tag team division needs a new team desperately and while I’m not the biggest fan of Enzo and Cass, they work at the moment.

Draw: Please, please, please bring in a tag team to finally face The New Day. Of course, The Usos aren’t doing anything. Again…



Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch vs Naomi and Tamina

JC: Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch will be fighting for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania. Naomi and Tamina will not. Sure Sasha could turn on Becky, but them losing and trying to get a Title shot after wouldn’t make sense. Sasha and Becky win.

WINNERS: Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

Draw: If the WWE knew Becky/Sasha/Charlotte would still be this popular months after their main roster debut, I give them a sh-t ton of credit. What seemed be a given with Charlotte versus Sasha headlining the Divas Division at WrestleMania now seems to be in doubt with how well Becky Lynch has gotten over as a babyface. Sure the safe bet is still Banks/Charlotte but the fact that Becky hasn’t lost cleanly to the reigning Diva’s Champion leaves room for her inclusion at WrestleMania. Look for Becky & Banks to build some momentum here, only to turn on one another after the win.

Winners: Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks



Divas Championship: Charlotte (c) vs Brie Bella

JC: The WWE has done a good job of getting the crowd behind Brie Bella since Daniel Bryan’s retirement. I still thought the promo exchange on RAW between these two wasn’t great. But the crowd is behind Brie. But she isn’t winning. Charlotte is carrying the Title to WrestleMania.

WINNER: Charlotte

Draw: If the finish to this match was ever in doubt, Brie Bella publicly acknowledging that she will be retiring this summer washed all of those doubts away.

Winner: Charlotte



Ryback, Big Show and Kane vs The Wyatt Family

JC: I’m still trying to figure out why this segment closed the show on Monday. Is it just because Kane had to come up through the ring? This is the Lock of the Night. The Wyatt Family wins. And we pray they don’t show up in the main event again at the end of the night.

WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

Draw: Talk about a WrestleMania placeholder! I do believe that if Brock Lesnar wasn’t involved in the main event then The Wyatts would have had this event off. This is purely a momentum builder for when they (Bray Wyatt) take on the ultimate Beast in Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. I just hope this match doesn’t go unnecessarily long.

Winners: The Wyatt Family



Intercontinental Championship: Kevin Owens (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

JC: Ziggler has beaten Owens a couple of times recently, so the WWE wants you to think that Ziggler has a chance to win. But he doesn’t. Kevin Owens is walking into WrestleMania as IC Champ. Dolph Ziggler’s feuds consist of this: Fight someone a bunch of times, score a couple wins to make you think he will win the feud, but lose the final match. That’s what happens here.

WINNER: Kevin Owens

Draw: Listen, I like Dolph Ziggler, I really truly do. But he debuted 11 years ago now and has never truly been considered anything bigger than an upper mid-card/IC Champion wrestler. With his veteran status, explosive ability and charisma, I’d love to see him transition into a permanent tag team at this stage of his career. It’s time for him to try something new and let’s be honest, Kevin Owens’ star is on the rise right now and it’s not going to be Ziggler who halts that.

Winner: Kevin Owens



AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

JC: The third match between these two. The match on Smackdown was better than the one on RAW, but I expect this match to be the best of the three and for them to pull out all the stops here. I wouldn’t put anything past the WWE, but AJ Styles should win here. Jericho is to the point of his career where he is just there to add a bit of veteran presence to the roster. I’d be surprised if he is still around after Mania. AJ wins, and moves on to a feud with Kevin Owens for the IC Title at WrestleMania.


Draw: Please, PLEASE let this be better than their other matches. AJ Styles is making Jericho look straight up old in the ring & that is not the AJ/Y2J rivalry I wanted to see. That said, this feud has done a good job of getting Styles consistent, upper-card TV time and it should allow him to transition into something a little more entertaining leading up to WrestleMania. Wait… AJ Styles at WrestleMania? Damn…

Winner: AJ Styles



Triple Threat Match: Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar – The Winner Faces Triple H For The WWE Championship at WrestleMania

JC: When this match was announced, everyone thought the same thing: Roman Reigns pins Dean Ambrose to move on to WrestleMania. But the WWE built up Dean Ambrose tremendously throughout this feud. I think Dean Ambrose is getting a marquee singles match at WrestleMania. But if the plan is to still have Roman Reigns fight Triple H at Mania, how bad is it that yet again the WWE couldn’t make him the focus of the match? It’s been all Ambrose/Lesnar. It’s similar to where the WWE knew they couldn’t put Reigns in the Final 2 in the Rumble because the fans would boo him. Amply those boos by ten for WrestleMania.

The only thing I can say for sure is Brock Lesnar isn’t winning. And I don’t want to see a match against Bray Wyatt anymore either. The WWE also teased Reigns/Lesnar a bit on RAW with the Heyman/Reigns promo. But I think that nothing will stop Vince McMahon from shoving Roman Reigns down our throats. And while I think Ambrose/HHH and Reigns/Lesnar would be better, I think Reigns wins here and we get Ambrose/Lesnar and Reigns/HHH instead.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

Draw: The GREAT thing about this match? People have stopped bitching about Triple H being WWE Champion! Now the only way we’re not getting Roman Reigns versus Triple H for the championship at WrestleMania is if the two of them pull some sort of Steve Austin/Vince McMahon WrestleMania 17 bull crap, which I can’t see happening. What I CAN see happening is Reigns FINALLY teasing his gray/heelish tendencies. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t expect a Reigns heel turn but when Reigns shows flashes of being a heel (mouth bloody & laughing at Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31/destroying Triple H at TLC), that is when the crowd begins to respond fondly to him. I believe the WWE learned their lesson of the last year and aren’t afraid of turning Roman heel (especially with a red-hot babyface Dean Ambrose) but I see them doing so either to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship or while he is already has the belt. Either way, the Wyatts destroy Lesnar & Reigns gets the win over Ambrose.

Winner: Roman Reigns

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