JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 6.8.15

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-Man, it was so refreshing to start RAW with something other than a long, boring Authority promo. Kevin Owens and John Cena have another solid exchange on the mic, then Owens and Neville have a good match in the first half hour. RAW already seems so much better with just a different beginning.

-OK, I’m no big R-Truth fan, but him coming out during the MITB participants promo was really funny.

-Randy Orton vs Sheamus. It was so great last week that someone decided that it was a great idea to do it again this week. These two just have no chemistry with each other.

-I like that they are keeping Rusev on TV even with his injury. If they want Rusev to still be something that is the smart move. Rusev’s smirk after “accidentally” forcing Lana off the apron was great.

-If you really want to lose viewers, you put Ryback, Big Show and Miz in the ring for a talking segment. I like Ryback, but man that is just a bad use of him. Not only that, but Ryback hits Shell Shocked on Big Show. Shouldn’t that be the reason you want to see that match at Money in the Bank? Now what is the point?

-The WWE really didn’t do a lot to gain any more interest from fans going into Money in the Bank. The MITB match is basically Roman Reigns and everyone else. NO ONE is being set up as a threat to win it besides him. As far as the WWE Title Match goes, part of me thinks this is all a big set-up by the Authority. But maybe the WWE is finally going with a split between Rollins and the Authority. That’s my only hope coming from this match.

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