Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE TLC 2014 (John Cena vs Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt


{Thanks to PhenomenonGFX for this month’s match card. – MJH}

#1~ The New Day definitely has potential, especially since they like to mix up the tag team members (although Kofi Kingston seems to be the constant). Kofi and Big E were in desperate need for a gimmick refresh and Xavier Woods just never got out of the starting block on the main roster. They all seem to like each other and seem really into the gimmick. Stardust and Goldust, on the other hand, have absolutely overstayed their welcome.

#2~ Good God that was a fantastic ladder match! I knew it was going to be good but that was insane. We knew that Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match was going to be money but Luke Harper was the wild card. Well it looks like his indy hardcore upbringing paid off. That match could easily steal the show and it was the first damn match up! I also loved the announcers hyping the Intercontinental Championship again! To hear the announcers talk about the history of the belt and how it’s champion is largely considered to be a top contender for the World Heavyweight Championship is phenomenal. It might just be a one time occurrence but it was damn refreshing to hear!

#3~ Big Show and Erick Rowan was what it was. Unfortunately I think it showed a lot of Rowan’s limitations and what’s going to hold him back in his WWE career. It’s not just the horrible music, unflattering jumpsuit or corny facial expressions, Erick Rowan doesn’t have the mobility or connection with the audience to really get over. It’s too bad too but not really unexpected.

#4~ John Cena and Seth Rollins was a “Vince Russo-special”. Multiple interferences, false finishes, gimmicked tables and a big return were all dancing like sugar-plum fairies dancing in little Vinny’s dreams. It was nice to see the predicted return of Roman Reigns but how much more entertaining would it have been if he laid out everyone, Cena included. He could then claim that he didn’t believe Cena deserved another shot Brock Lesnar and he was throwing his own name into the ring. You’d have a much more compelling ride to the Royal Rumble and could still come out with the same result, except with a stronger male fanbase for Reigns.

#5~ I might be in the minority here but I was somewhat let down by the main event. I felt that Ambrose and Wyatt had so much more potential to tell a story albeit with weapons involved and instead we only saw a spot fest. There was so much potential to live up to and we just didn’t get it. Hey, this might have because of the opening match stealing the show but if you know that you have Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match, in his hometown, where he’s winning the Intercontinental title then it’s your own fault most of the other matches didn’t live up to expectations.