My Thoughts: WWE RAW 6.23.14 (Stephanie McMahon, Vickie Guerrero, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns)

Raw (Hartford 2013)



#1~ That was an unexpectedly exciting opening segment. Not only did we finally see Vickie Guerrero turn babyface for the first time in her on-screen career & referencing her late husband to a well-deserved pop. And if that wasn’t enough, Stephanie McMahon is getting back in the ring? Her matches were always “must-see TV” and while a match with Vickie isn’t going be anything spectacular, it should be fun.

#2~ Well that was a different twist to an entrance theme. Last week we were introduced to the fantastically generic rock music for Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins and this week we have the hillbilly, accordion version of “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” WWE must love that the most over song on their show is public domain.

#3~ Nice lineup for the briefcase Money In The Bank match, especially once Dean Ambrose is added. I’m guessing Ambrose either takes out one of the heels before the PPV & takes their spot or Vickie wins her match tonight and puts Ambrose in the ladder match to spite The Authority. Honestly, I can do without Swagger in that match. Hell, he’s going to be in the ring with Dolph Ziggler and a ladder again! Get him out of there!

#4~ The way they added Dean Ambrose was even better than my idea. I loved the fact that they were able to play up the idea that Seth Rollins is today’s “Cerebral Assassin” by thinking ahead and wanting Ambrose in the ring where he can eliminate him himself instead of always looking over his shoulder. It made perfect sense and it’s something Triple H would have done in his prime as well. It really seems as if they want to construct the image of Seth Rollins as a new Triple H. I’m curious to see how his development plays out.

#5~ I like the addition of an Intercontinental Championship match on Raw. Even if nothing comes of it, the title defense alone puts the champion & championship in the spotlight and thus adding a little more prestige that it always needs. Of course it doesn’t hurt that it was a stellar match from beginning to end. Barrett has definitely improved in the ring and anyone in the ring with Ziggler always looks 100x better. I’m looking forward to the two of them in the ladder match Sunday.

#6~ That was the perfect way for Vickie Guerrero to bow out and retire, if that’s truly the case. I should have known that they were going to save Stephanie’s return match for one with Brie Bella. Anyway, the music, the shimmy and defying authority was exactly how Vickie should have ended her on-screen career. I only met Eddie a few times but I have to believe that he was cracking up above in heaven.

#7~ Goldust easily had the line of the night with “WOW! Now, I’m the normal one!” I knew Cody was going to go all out with the Stardust character but this segment FAR surpassed my expectations. I said it last week and I’ll say it again, every thing that the WWE has given Cody Rhodes – from his Legacy run to Dashing and the mask – Rhodes has won championship gold with that gimmick. I can only think that Goldust and Stardust are going to wear the tag team championships again at some point this year.

#8~ Does someone have to die before Jack Swagger is released?! He botched three different spots and that included dropping or simply not catching Kofi Kingston TWICE! He’s a damn liability!

#9~ For such a loaded show, the main event failed to impress. Obviously this was the natural main event before Money In The Bank but it capped off a stellar show with a stale main event. I’m still really looking forward to the PPV on Sunday & the RAW after (since I’ll be in attendance, mostly) but the addition of Kane I think was a detriment to the match on Sunday than a plus. Sure everyone now can pair up with someone sneaking up the ladder for the win but it really wasn’t needed. I will say that seeing Reigns interrupt Kane’s pyro and standing tall at the end of RAW was a nice surprise.