My Few Cents: WWE Raw 4.28.14 (The Wyatt Family, John Cena, The Shield, Evolution)

WWE Raw 11-13 Header


<- So last night was TNA’s Sacrifice and I barely made it through the show. Now I have another 3 hour wrestling show that I have to stay awake through. God give me strength.

<- Just when you thought the Wyatt act couldn’t get any creepier and they send out a horde of children singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” and then reveal them all wearing sheep masks. That was absolutely incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen something that creepy since the days of the Ministry of Darkness. Whoever is writing this storyline is batting 1.000 right now.

<- Surprisingly good tag match between the Usos and RybAxel. For a minute there I had a bad feeling that RybAxel was going to win the titles tonight just to drop them back to the Usos on Sunday. I’m curious to see who matches up against the Usos next. They have Luke Harper and Erick Rowen waiting in the wings but they also have the Ascension waiting in NXT that could be a great match-up for the Usos.

<- I don’t know who put Damien Sandow in a HORRIBLE Magneto costume but it was brilliant! You have to give Sandow credit, he goes balls out with whatever is handed it him. And Hugh Jackman is always a great guest, never afraid to get physical and seems like he’s always having a blast.

<- Even sending Brie out with Bryan for a promo segment? I have a feeling that the WWE made certain that were going to be a married before really exploiting their relationship on TV because damn, that would be awkward if they split up. Just look at Macho Man and Elizabeth. But where’s Bryan’s championship belts? Last we saw them, Stephanie was leaving Raw last week with them. Does this mean they’ll be condensed into one belt on Sunday?

<- Oops, Kane’s mask is gone! Too bad the cameraman who was apparently locked in Stephanie’s office all night with a locked box couldn’t stop Kane. You’d at least think he could let someone know it happened.

<- The Cena promo wasn’t good but it wasn’t horrible either. It started out like a cheesy John Cena “rah-rah” promo and ended with the serious Cena that is always refreshing.

<- If there’s one Superstar who epitomizes turning lemonade from lemons it’s Wade Barrett. He’s turned a terrible gimmick from a lame YouTube show into a “so bad, it’s good” character & the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. Sure, he’s won the title 3 times before and I doubt he’ll win on Sunday but the IC title means something now and now maybe Bad News Barrett does too.

<- The surprise addition of Ric Flair was the perfect icing on the cake. My guess is that The Shield goes over clean on Sunday or they set up a Roman Reigns/Triple H match. If they did win clean it looks even more impressive after the endorsement from Flair. Very hot closing segment which showcased both teams at their best. And after that spear from Reigns, Triple H versus Roman Reigns must be in the books for SummerSlam. That’s the second time HHH has taken the spear and it’s obvious that WWE is pushing Reigns to the moon first. Why not have his first big singles match at the second biggest event? That’s how you make stars.