Smackdown Hits w/ Martin 4/13/12

-I just want to apologize for the lateness of the post as well as the sporadic absences. My wife just gave birth to our first kid so it’s been kinda crazy. Thankfully I found a little time to catch the repeat of the “Blast From The Past” episode of Smackdown.

AJ is single? Good to know.

-Piper & Bryan? Santa got my letter!

-Nice pop for Sheamus.

-Gotta agree with Matt. That belt looks like it was made for Sheamus.

-I like that Johnny actually got music. Not sure how I feel about said music.

-Well at least it’s not Double Secret Probation.

Booker is in rare form tonight.

-So this Kane/Orton feud continues and I continue to lose interest.

-Hey Ryback, RVD wants his unitard back.

-I want more Tyson Kidd dammit.

-2 out of 3 falls match b/t Sheamus & Daniel Bryan. Intriguing.

-AJ’s music is awful.

-Aw I missed you Piper.

-When did Natalya make the turn? also should I care?

-So the only person is this match that can somewhat wrestle doesn’t get a chance to wrestle? Damn you WWE!

-Good Cody, stop wearing that ridiculous half jacket thing.

-Decent end match, sets up more animosity for Sheamus/Bryan.