Quick Quips: WWE Raw 4.9.12

– “Bring legitimacy back to the WWE?” – Wow

– And a UFC reference. Looks like they are going full board outsider with Brock instead of “returning hero”.

– That slap actually reminded me of when Steve Austin gave Mike Tyson the finger.

– Absolutely some stiff shots there. Cena bloody and Lesnar looks like he has a shiner.

– Holy crap what a hot start to Raw!

– Nice of WWE to actually spring for a real disco ball.

– Funkasaurus and the Cobra for the Tag Team Titles!

– I have fully admitted in the past that Vickie Guerrero looks good for her age but dear God, she should not be in the same building as that dress.

– Already the longest match in Brodus Clay‘s Raw career.

– Nice range promo from John Cena… Never thought I’d say that.

– Santino and the Three Stooges? I don’t think I can handle that.

– Does the production crew have to specifically set up a red light in a corner just so Kane doesn’t get pissed?

– Cody needs to lose the sleeveless trenchcoat.

– Did I just hear that the Truth’s finisher’s name in the “Little Jimmy”? Oh God.

– I just died a little.

– At least they TRIED to give a backstory to the Lord Tensai squash. More than what we’re used to seeing.

– Oh and the people with the “Albert” chants – we ALL know he’s Prince Albert/A-Train but does it really matter?

– “You do not throw rock with a man who has a machine gun!” – Still one of the greatest phrases I have EVER heard.

– Good promo from both Jericho and Punk but I just feel like it could have been SO much better. Where else do they go from here?

– Like that Punk just got too pissed to be the “best wrestler in the world”.

– With all this alcohol abuse on Raw, what are they going to do if they ever do get to the CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin feud? I would assume Punk would HAVE to be the heel by then.

– Zack Ryder vs Del Rio? Doesn’t look too good for the Internet Champ.

– I should ask for a raise to have to sit through this Stooge stuff.

– I do love that Will Sasso got to fulfill a dream getting in a WWE ring. It’s just too bad it was as a Stooge.

– TOTALLY different character for Brock. I LIKE IT!

– I just can’t get over the Chris Masters mimicry David Otunga has adopted.

– Brock Lesnar just used a low blow?! This is like seeing a corporate Stone Cold.

– Interesting developments here on Raw tonight. Not the direction I thought but I’m looking forward to next week.


  • Jack C. Catalano

    Good stuff. Have to ask, did you see all the ex wrestlers in suits? Bill DeMott, Mike Rotunda, Jamie Noble and Billy Kidman are the guys that I saw.

    Cena bleeding and still smiling. Do u think its early going with this match?


  • Jack C. Catalano

    After seeing that Santino and Stooges segment werent you thinking “I wish Lesnar F-5s Santino AND the Stooges”? Did you notice that Brodus was no where in site? Can you blame him?

    Also, after that Stooges segment “What the hell was I thinking”? Brock Lesnar Apr. 9, 2012.