TNA Gimmick Infringement At Its Finest (VIDEO)


Now it’s no secret that I hate Sting’s new “Joker” inspired character. It’s campy, annoying and doesn’t fit Sting or Steve Borden at all. It’s terrible. What I find interesting though is not only is this character a bad intimation of Heath Ledger’s Joker but it’s also a bad imitation of an independent wrestler named Krimson, real name Justin Carnes. received a video from him recently explaining his situation and how TNA has essentially stolen both his name and gimmick after he had sent them video packages of his work. There’s a lot of his stuff on YouTube that I highly recommend looking up and proves that a Joker inspired character can be good if done right and portrayed by the right man. I HIGHLY recommend this video (I’m sorry I couldn’t post it directly here).

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